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Little Linguists Arts Academy provides Language, Music, Art, Yoga, PE, and Technology programs to children in an enjoyable and accessible way that broadens their understanding of art, culture, and all that they can achieve.​


How does a Taiwanese Buddhist woman married to a Jewish man walk into a Catholic school and come out with a contract to teach Spanish? Perseverance and hard work!

After finishing college in Taiwan, I came to the United States in September 1991, and I have been here ever since! I received my master’s degree in Information Resources Management and started my career as an IT Project Manager.

With the love and passion of my own language and culture, I was determined to teach my children Chinese. After an extensive search, I realized that there was no school that teaches young children the way I wanted. That led to the birth of Little Linguists Academy. Within one year, we expanded from my living room to more than 20 schools and from Chinese to Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Hindi, Urdu, and Arabic.

Little Linguists Academy started as a language program offering foreign language instruction through in-school and after-school programs in elementary schools, preschools and day cares. We have been in business for ten years and are currently working with more than fifty schools in the Chicagoland and Washington D.C. metro areas.

After building these great partnerships, schools started coming to us for instructors in other areas. Our answer to these requests? Instead of just finding a music teacher, we will offer you a comprehensive Music program with a curriculum, a management team and a talented, qualified and enthusiastic instructor who will deliver! Therefore, principals can focus on the core curriculum, while we take care of the Specials. We are the one-stop source for all Specials program.

Very recently, we rebranded Little Linguists Academy to Little Linguists Arts Academy to demonstrate that we provide not only language programs, but specials like music, art, and physical education programs too! We work with Elementary Schools, Preschools and Day Care Centers, and we also work with students individually.

- Angel Li, Founder and CEO of Little Linguists Arts Academy

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