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What Our Clients say

Before using your programs I had tried a few different vendors, but none of them worked well. I completely lost faith in using other vendors at Northside Catholic Academy until I took the chance with Little Linguists Arts Academy. There is something really special about your programs. The quality, instructors, and delivery totally won me over!

Debra Sullivan, EdD, Assistant Director for Catholic School Leadership

Chicago, Illinois

The staff at Little Linguists Arts Academy is exceptional. They always come prepared and even cater their lesson plans to our weekly themes. What really stands out about the teachers from LLA is not just how committed they are to their craft but also to the children they teach. The teachers at LLA not only remember each of the children at the school but if we have a new student in the class or if someone is absent. That attention to detail goes a long way with young children and making them feel special. It goes without saying that these small things are just sprinkles on top of the great interactive and educational classes. 

Ms Valerie, Director of Contemporary Preschool

Chicago, Illinois

Little Linguists Art's teachers are caring, kind and thoughtful in their immersive approach to learning a new language. Because it is offered here in an after school setting, it is a fun and natural way of learning a different language for our Franklin Fine Arts students.  I don't know of a better way to attack a new skill, than to be among friends that you know and feel comfortable in front of.  The kids really thrived in this program!

Rebeka Barrera, Assistant Principal of Franklin Fine Arts Center

Chicago, Illinois

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