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Online Class

Little Linguists Arts Academy provides virtual classes, including Spanish, Mandarin, French, Art and Music.

Virtual Spanish, Mandarin and French Classes
Immerse your child in a foreign language through our fun and interactive virtual immersion classes!  The students will learn new words, expressions, sentence structures, songs in the target language through activities, games, songs, videos and story time! 

Virtual Art Classes
Our Art classes will combine learning about famous artists, Art History and creative projects. We will focus on an artist, learning about their life and making our own artwork in their style. Along the way, we will learn art vocabulary words and concepts and apply our new knowledge to our creations.

Virtual Music Classes
The focus for this course is to engage the students with interactive song, dance routines and creative projects that will awaken the imagination. Each class will not only experience a musical education that is in compliance with the National music educational standards but, it is intended to help the students with their listening skills, focus and self confidence. Overall we have fun! 


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