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Little Linguists Arts Academy is now your resource for Language, Music, Art, Yoga, PE, and Technology programs! We provide in-school, after school, and private classes.





               We offer Language learning through cultural immersion for toddlers to teens with highly trained instructors whose focus is on teaching their native language to young learners. Classes are presented in a fun and accessible way, and students are instructed in a multi-sensory environment that caters to many different learning styles! We teach unique language classes for: Spanish, Mandarin, French, Italian, Hindi, Urdu and Arabic.





               Our Music class fosters natural musical development and instills a lifelong passion for creating music. A variety of instruments are provided for students to interact with and use to build upon concepts of harmony, dynamics and rhythm. Each class helps students with their listening skills, focus, self confidence and musical abilities while exposing them to sounds from cultures around the world!





               Little Linguists thoughtfully developed a proprietary Visual Arts program structured on activities that focus on the art-making process in a positive, engaging and nurturing environment. Using a wide range of medias and techniques, our lessons have a hands-on, energetic approach. We offer age-appropriate projects that stimulate perception, hand-eye coordination, and language from Kindergarten through 8th grade.





               In our Yoga classes, kids of all ages engage in a playful experience of peaceful practices. By incorporating music and movement into each session, students become more in control of their thoughts and emotions, which leads to improved behavior, focus and concentration!

              The use of technology in the 21st century is integral to preparing students for college and career success. The K-8 technology courses cover a variety of lessons including Research and Information Fluency, Digital Citizenship, Creativity and Innovation, Communication and Collaboration. 

               Our PE program not only focuses on stimulating activities, but also gives special attention to social interaction, cooperation and sportsmanship. We create enjoyable success-oriented experiences that meet the physical needs of every child. Elementary School: For lower grades, The majority of activities for younger children are individual in nature and center on learning movement concepts through theme development. Children learn movement principles and body management skills at this level. For upper grades: Children are given the opportunity to explore, experiment, and create activities without fear. Students are taught the how and why of activity patterns. Cooperation with peers is encouraged with more emphasis placed on group and team play. Sport lead up games are utilized so children can apply newly learned skills in a small group setting.

Middle School: Our comprehensive curriculum provides students the opportunity to develop body awareness, explore movement, discover cooperative games, improve sport specific skills, and experience team sports. 


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