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Q & A

>> What textbooks do you utilize for Spanish in-curriculum classes?

Our curriculum is organized around thematic units, designed to facilitate the practice of key vocabulary and functional language structures. Our experienced teachers use only the target language in class, supporting comprehension with dramatic gestures and facial expressions, and a variety of simple visuals and manipulatives, such as flashcards, worksheets, toys and games. 


Classes are presented in a fun and interactive way, where the students learn through playing and age-appropriate activities, and are encouraged to participate and practice their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Elements of history, culture, and music are integrated into the curriculum in different forms for each grade level. Through learning the target language, the student will not only gain a better understanding of the world, but also learn more about their own language.  Furthermore, the students are instructed in a multi-sensory environment that caters to different learning styles. 


A language proficiency assessment is conducted by the teacher quarterly to keep track of their student’s progress. The assessment consists of two parts - an oral test and a written test. We also do our best to accommodate the school's different needs in terms of the form of the assessment and the grading system. 

For 6-8th grades, our teachers mainly use ¡Avancemos! in order to teach the children Spanish while also fostering the Spanish culture into the lesson. However, if your school has a different textbook that you would like our teacher(s) to use, we are able to adapt our lessons to use the requested textbook.


>> What does your yoga program look like in an elementary school setting?

Our yoga instructors focus on simple poses that help instill mindfulness into the students. With the simple poses and affirmations, our instructors focus on meditation to help students re-center their minds and bodies. Our instructors also incorporate yoga-based games and activities.


>> Do you provide your own curriculum for each program?

Yes, we provide our own curriculum for each program. Our curriculum is designed to cater to students’ different needs and learning styles. With this curriculum, our teachers can adapt the learning materials to match the various ways that students learn as well as to their learning paces.


>> With the current world climate, should we need to be in an e-learning format or a hybrid of e-learning and in-person, how would you accommodate?

With either scenario, our teachers are fully capable of providing the program via any e-learning platform. We currently conduct various virtual classes that are taught completely online. We are also able to provide at-school virtual learning. Meaning, while the students are in school, our teacher would provide the lesson through Google Meet or any other requested platform. Our online curriculum incorporates utilizing technology and teaching materials, to ensure the best learning experience for every student.


>> What is the pricing for your programs?

Our fees are dependent on the type of program, how many programs you are interested in, and specifics of how the program would look like at your school. Please contact us to discuss fees and for a quote.

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