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Celebrating Chinese New year

Chinese New Year has always been very special to me. At first, I celebrate Chinese New Year for myself. After all, it is only the biggest holiday in Taiwan. It is the time I miss home the most. Then I have kids, I celebrate for them. I want it to be special and memorable for them. They are the "mix" growing up in American. There are way too many competing holidays. Then I started my school. My students are like my own children. I want them to celebrate Chinese New Year with me. Here you can see a video from 10 years ago.

My school gets bigger and the party grows huge.

This year, we are trying something different. We are co-hosting the Chinese New Year with Bubbles Academy. Bubble Academy is an absolutely beautiful space and we are so excited to collaborate with them.

I will tell the story about Chinese New Year so you will know why we say "Congratulations" instead of "Happy New Year" on Chinese New Year. We will do the Lion Dance TOGETHER. I will demonstrate the dance in Mandarin. Trust me, the kids will understand and follow my instructions. Oh, and this Lion is very cute. Not like some "real" ones they can be quite scary. We will have craft tables where you can make your own 春聯 (Chun Lian) the lucky decoration to keep the evil spirits away and bring in good fortunes. Lastly, our friends at Cozy Noodles and Rice ( whose kids have taken Mandarin with us for many years and one just tested into Mandarin 3 at Lane Tech) will provide yummy food!!!

Also, we are calling all alumnis. If your “little one” is older than 10 and would like to be a helper, please let me know. I would love to have them come help me at the craft table at the event.

I have one free ticket as a raffle for someone who comments their best Chinese New Year memory. Also a discount code for everyone. Please feel free to share my post and this event.

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